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i carry my camera with me at all times and take 20 to 100 photos a day, many from my moving car. collage image sources include my own photos, photos of old family photos, maps downloaded from the Library of Congress, and satellite images captured and stitched together.

i use Adobe Photoshop to layer images, masking and erasing portions to expose what's underneath. i also use filters, gradients, and layers of pure color and can easily get lost in the color pixels of a photo blown up to 300% of its normal size. digital collage is the most convenient label for my work, but i think of these as digital paintings and my process is very similar to a canvas/brush approach. while working on a piece, i think about surface quality, light and dark patterns, open or closed spaces, linear quality, and color integrity.

as in life, i sometimes think i know where i'm going from the start, but most pieces rarely end up where i thought they would. some, such as the mystic river dreaming series, have more intent and planning than others. if an image i love doesn't assert meaning, i combine it with other sympathetic images, changing scale and position, manipulating them like tea leaves in the bottom of a cup. when i understand the relationship between them, my choices become purposeful, my actions deliberate, striking a balance between artistic intent and subconscious will.